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Washing Whites
Image by Dan LeFebvre
Washing Machine Interior
Steam iron
Laundry Room
Loading the Washing Machine
Folding Ironed Clothes
Folded White Sheets

How it Works

DropMint's expert laundry service turns your laundry day back into do-what-you-want day. It’s a new spin on laundry and dry cleaning.

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Happy Family

Take Your Time Back

Happy Woman
“I don't usually use laundry services, but after having surgery I needed some extra help. Thank you DropMint for the excellent customer service, great turnaround time, and competitive prices! Will be using this service again soon.”

Emily D, Mom of 3

Download Our App

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- Schedule Laundry Day 

Bag Your Dirty Laundry

- Separate Wash N Fold or Wash NO Fold vs. Dry Cleaning / Launder + Press


Laundry Day

- Place your bags outside at 6pm

- Quality clothes delivered


Clean Clothes Delivered

- You do the living we'll do the laundry


You shouldn’t need to block out 3 hours on your calendar for laundry. Take back control of your time and do what you want!

Our Services

From everyday laundry to professional dry cleaning, we have a service that will meet your needs. Save 3-4 hours a week and let the experts handle it!

Why you will love DropMint

Once you try DropMint, you’ll free up loads of time to invest in things that matter the most to you!




Clothing & Customer Care Teams that are eager to provide you a 5-star experience.

Use our app or sign up for DropMint Repeat, set it and forget it.

Perfect folding every single time and customized to your preferences.

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