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DropMint Repeat:
Recurring Weekly Laundry Service

Take laundry off your list forever!

Welcome to DropMint Repeat,

DropMint Repeat is a weekly recurring laundry service that offers a discount on every order

You choose your discount 

Your neighbors use DropMint Repeat

Over 700+ San Diego residents have signed up for DropMint Repeat, join your neighbors in taking laundry off your list forever

No more laundry day

After signing up for DropMint Repeat you never have to order laundry or do your laundry again. Put your bags outside and POOF! laundry day over

Run a business

Stop paying more when you could have the best rates and best service. Doing it yourself? How much is your time worth? If you calculate how much time it takes to do a load of laundry your paying yourself less than minimum wage in comparison to our rates! 

Discount on every order

Every order is discounted, you chose your discount to be applied to every order. Either a FREE Comforter / Blanket wash or discounted wash pricing. Always free pickup and delivery

Best rates in the county

Chose between the two lowest laundry rates in the county, Wash, Dry, Fold for $1.65/lb or Wash, Dry, No Fold for $1.15/lb, or a Free Comforter / Blanket wash on each order

Lightening fast delivery

Tired of laundromats not having your order ready on time? The average laundromat has laundry orders ready in 3 business days. DropMint? Always 1 business day for Wash N Fold only orders and 2 business days for orders that contain Launder + Press or Dry Cleaning

What Our Clients Say

Heidi G, Lucky Spa

" I use DropMint everyday of the week and i forget i have a laundry service sometimes i come into my Spa and there is always clean linens ready for my team and customers, can you say best decision ever"
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